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March 21, 2021:

Theme: "Walking Alongside: Loving Someone with Mental Illness"  Dr. Jennifer Charles, a licensed practitioner who also teaches at Catholic University, gave an informative an overview of mental health issues in families, including causes, how to prevent, and how best to support and love people who are living with mental illness  The video of her talk is below.  Sabrina Curry then spoke about her experience caring for a loved one and opened the floor for questions from the audience

Format:  Virtual


1)  Meeting Presentation (COMING SOON) (moderated by Sharon Ann O' Brien, Past President)

2) Resources List and Tip Sheet (Dr. J. Charles)  here

3)  5 Saints to Invoke (Catholic Company Magazine) here

4) Dr. Jennifer Charles' video here

February 14, 2021:

Theme: "Heart to Heart: A Reflection on Human Trafficking" This month we gathered to to learn about the life of St. Josephine Bakhita and the continuing problem of human trafficking and modern day slavery. The video that was discussed during our presentation can be found by searching/Googling "Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking (2015)" - a CNN report on the horrors of human trafficking reported by Jada Pinkett Smith.  This video is graphic and not appropriate for children.

Format:  Virtual


1)  Meeting Presentation (Sonia Bobis,  Service Commission Chair) here

2) Ideas for Action and Resources regarding Ending Human Trafficking here

December 6, 2020: 

Theme: Advent Joy, to welcome and prepare for the Advent season.  The heartwarming Tea consisted of prayer, fellowship and beautiful music.  It was nice to see faces along with names which we have come to know.  We shared ideas about how we are celebrating this unusual Advent season along with some of the particular resources we have use to help us find a comfortable space within the context of Advent and Christmas.  Gretchen Erlichman, a candidate to be a Dominican contemplative nun provided the piano selections as interludes and conclusion of the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary.  That put smiles of the faces of everyone.

Format:  Virtual


1) Reflection by Carol Monaco (Spirituality Chair) "New Life: the Way of the Lord"

2) Advent of Joy Rosary Meditations 

October 25, 2020: 

Theme: Council Sunday, connecting with one another for fellowship, spiritual growth, and support in challenging times.

Format:  Virtual


1) Reflection by Carol Monaco (Spirituality Chair) "Staying Connected"

2) Meeting Agenda here

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