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CCW-ADW Past Monthly Teas

December 18, 2022:

Theme: “Advent of Joy By Way of the Eucharist"  In our December Monthly Tea and Reflection, the Council of Catholic Women- Archdiocese of Washington joined in prayer and reflection during this beautiful season of Advent to explore the wonders of the Holy Eucharist as we pondered the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and we await the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Format: Virtual

Attachments:  Slides from presentation

November 20, 2022:

Theme: “Celebrating Black Catholic History”Scripture: Acts 8:26-40  November is Black Catholic History Month, a time when our Church in the United States celebrates the rich history and proud heritage of Black Catholics.  Rev. Anthony Bozeman, SSJ, Academic Dean, Josephite Seminary, reflected upon the gifts to the Church from people of color starting from the accounts in the Acts of the Apostles  all the way through Sr Thea Bowman's contributions to the church  today.

Format: Virtual


May 22, 2022:

Theme: “Mary: Woman of the Eucharist”.  Our virtual tea and reflection was based on St. Pope John Paul II’s Encyclical, On The Eucharist in its Relationship to the Church. We explored how Mary, our Blessed Mother, helps to guide us to this Blessed Sacrament. We contemplated Mary’s profound relationship to the Holy Eucharist by way of her Son Jesus Christ.

Mary draws us to her Son. Our Lady guides us by example, embracing the way, the truth, and the life of Jesus who gives himself entirely to us in the Eucharist. When we consume the Eucharist, Jesus’ presence is within us. Like Mary, with our hearts open, our Lord can shine through our faith, hope, and love. We can be conduits for our Savior to work in our world. So be it!

Format:  Virtual

Attachments: May Tea Presentation Slides

Theme: “Care for Our Common Home” At this virtual tea when we discussed Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sí (Praise Be to You), the Archdiocese of Washington’s respond to Pope Francis’ teaching and how we as individuals and parishes can care for “our common home,” the earth.  After reviewing a video summary of Laudato Sí and looking at the Archdiocese of Washington’s Action Plan to support the teaching in Laudato Sí, we discussed a few practical ideas to care for our common home. For example: 

1) Consider drinking tap water in your home instead of buying bottled water.  This is safe, tasty and cheap and protects the environment in many ways including reducing oil use, reducing pollution in air, on land and in the ocean and slowing the rate at which land fills are filling up. 

2) Save yourself some time and money by converting part of your lawn to a native plant garden. Plants in your garden that are native to our area help keep soil free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and help stop soil erosion.

Format:  Virtual


     Archdiocese of Washington Action Plan in English and Spanish

     Presentation Slides

     Get the full list of practical ideas for individuals and parishes from the Archdiocese of Washington    

     Laudato Sí Action Plan on CCW-ADW website

     DC Residents - get a free rain barrel and save money on water bills (DC Department of Energy and Environment)


March 20, 2022:

Theme: “Living Lent Well With Lynda Rozell, Tin Can Pilgrim.   On Sunday afternoon, March 20th, Lynda Rozell presented Living Lent Well to us. Her very presence was full of joy – the abiding sense of well-being.  She set the stage by using beautiful pictures from her travels as the “Tin Can Pilgrim”, travelling the country as a Catholic lay evangelist in a 19’ airstream trailer pulled by a 1500 Ram Truck. She offered thoughts and stories on three points, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Thoughts on Prayer  - make a commitment, keep it simple, do it everyday.  She then shared Pope Francis’s Lenten Fasts – do google them. One member’s favorite piece of advice from the talk  is, “Fast from pressures and be prayerful”.  For Almsgiving, Lynda shared Pope Francis’ Lenten Message, “Life’s truth and beauty may be found not so much in possessing as giving, not so much in accumulating as in sowing and sharing goodness.”  Lynda made the point that our gifts of time, talent, and/or treasure unite with God’s gifts to us all.

Format:  Virtual

Attachments: Tin Can Pilgrim website

                       Tin Can Pilgrim Slides


February 20, 2022:

Theme: “Black Liturgical Music - Early Years Part II,  God is Love” Presented by Mr. Rawn Harbor. Mr  Harbor continued his presentation of the history and development of Black Catholic Liturgical Music in the Catholic Church.  In Part II, he paid tribute to the contributions of Rev. Clarence Joseph Rivers, known to many as the Father of Black Catholic Liturgy, who was a mentor and friend to Mr. Harbor as he was developing as a liturgist.  It was Fr. Rivers who led the singing for the first official high Mass in the United States with his powerful delivery of the Communion song “God is Love” - his first musical composition for liturgy.  Mr Harbor used story and song in his rich presentation playing songs from the Lead Me Guide Me missal (OCP) like Precious Lord, Peace in the Valley, Highway to Heaven, and Live the Life I Sing about in my song and relating anecdotes of learning and work from his time with Fr. Rivers.  Mr. Harbor discussed how Fr. Rivers persisted in developing worship that was truly effective for Black Catholic communities and brought the richness of the Black Catholic worship to the broader Catholic Church.

Format:  Virtual

Attachments: "Black Liturgical Music - Early Years Part II" presentation

                        Link to recording of Rawn Harbor's talk for February Virtual Tea

December 19, 2021:

Theme: “Advent of Joy - The Holy Trinity and Mary” Presented by Carol Monaco, Chair of CCW-ADW Spiritual Commission. Because his Spirit had prepared Mary the Blessed Virgin, God the Father found the dwelling place where his Son and his Spirit could dwell among humanity. In this Tea, Carol led us through an exploration of how devotion to Mary enhances our heartfelt adoration of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Format:  Virtual

November 21, 2021:

Theme: “Black Liturgical Music - Early Years” Presented by Mr. Rawn Harbor, composer of “Psalms of the Soul (OCP).  In celebration of Black Catholic History Month, Mr Harbor shared a presentation on the history and development of Black Catholic Liturgical Music in the years 1964 -1980. During this presentation, Mr. Harbor, who is currently the Music Director at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, presented examples of history and liturgical adaptation to emphasize the importance of each of God's children, regardless of race or ethnicity, in the Catholic Church 

Format:  Virtual

Attachments:  "Black Liturgical Music-Early Years" presentation


October 17, 2021:

Theme:”Three Steps Families Can Take to Help Families Affected by Domestic Violence”  presented by Laura Yeomans Laura Yeomans, Parish Partners Program Manager at Catholic Charities DC, Sherry Pollock, Vice President, Ladies Auxiliary of Holy Family Parish, Mitchellville MD, Elinor Metz, a mental health and marriage counselor. Participants  learned more about domestic abuse and how parish outreach can help save lives.

Format:  Virtual

September 19, 2021:

Theme: “How to Live as a Beloved Daughter of God.” presented by Rose Folsom of Virtue Connection. With all our responsibilities, the people depending on us, illness, financial worries, and our growing to-do list, it can be easy to forget that BELOVEDNESS is the core of who we are and that God loves each one of us as if we were the only one in the world. Our hope is in his eternal love for us, no matter what season of life or situation we are in. Rose reminded us how scripture and the saints cheer us on to live out our hope in God and showed us how to avoid three common traps that can steal our hope. 

Format:  Virtual


1)  PDF of quotes from the presentation here

June 28, 2021:

Themes: Part 1:  " The Many Faces of St. Joseph" a compilation of different aspects of St.Joseph - Spouse and Protector, Father, Worker, and Patron of a Happy Death.  Prayers, music and discussion of St. Joseph were read by men and staff of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

Part 2:  "Celebrating the Year With St. Joseph" reflection given by Most Reverend John H. Ricard, SSJ (Superior General of the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart).  Bishop Ricard made the point that while St. Joseph is the patron saint of the Josephites, all the Joseph's of the Bible - Joseph, the son to whom Jacob gave a coat of many colors (who enabled the tribe of Israel to survive in Egypt), Joseph of Arimathea (who gave the tomb from which Jesus rose), as well as Joseph of the Holy Family all were "the right man for the moment,"  that is, the man through whom God chose to implement His Divine Plan.

Attendees of the tea then went into breakout rooms to discuss which of the faces of Joseph resonated most in their lives and shared the results of the discussion with the whole group.

Format: Virtual

1)  Link to the flyer here

1)  Link to the presentation here

May 16, 2021:

Theme: "Treasures in the Franciscan Monastery Gardens" presented by Patricia A. Cunniff of the Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild.  Pat presented an interesting history of the creation, development and mission of the Franciscan Monastery and its gardens.   She also discussed the Monastery's programs today including holiday events and volunteer opportunities at the monastery 

Format:  Virtual


1)  Link to the presentation here

2) Contact information for volunteering, workshops and events at the Monastery here


April 18, 2021:

Theme: "A Story of Lessons Learned Along the Camino de Santiago" Lisa Longacre

How does anything survive over 1200 years? The Camino de Santiago has continued though civil wars, religious wars,world wars, dictatorships, and the Black Plague, giving back to the pilgrims far more than it takes from them to complete it. Our guest speaker and Saint Andrew Apostle, Silver Spring parishioner Lisa Longacre shared her personal physical and spiritual journey on the ancient pilgramage trail the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile walk from France to Spain.  Lisa shared 12 lessons she extracted from the joy, hardship, pain, peace and beauty of traveling the Camino.

Format:  Virtual


1)  A Pilgrims Prayer here

2) A commonly used planning guide for trip:  

A Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino de Santiago: Camino Francés – St. Jean • Roncesvalles • Santiago (Camino Guides) by John Brierly

March 21, 2021:

Theme: "Walking Alongside: Loving Someone with Mental Illness"  Dr. Jennifer Charles, a licensed practitioner who also teaches at Catholic University, gave an informative an overview of mental health issues in families, including causes, how to prevent, and how best to support and love people who are living with mental illness  The video of her talk is below.  Sabrina Curry then spoke about her experience caring for a loved one and opened the floor for questions from the audience

Format:  Virtual


1) Resources List and Tip Sheet (Dr. J. Charles)  here

2)  5 Saints to Invoke (Catholic Company Magazine) here

3) Dr. Jennifer Charles' video here

February 14, 2021:

Theme: "Heart to Heart: A Reflection on Human Trafficking" This month we gathered to to learn about the life of St. Josephine Bakhita and the continuing problem of human trafficking and modern day slavery. The video that was discussed during our presentation can be found by searching/Googling "Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking (2015)" - a CNN report on the horrors of human trafficking reported by Jada Pinkett Smith.  This video is graphic and not appropriate for children.

Format:  Virtual


1)  Meeting Presentation (Sonia Bobis,  Service Commission Chair) here

2) Ideas for Action and Resources regarding Ending Human Trafficking here

December 6, 2020: 

Theme: Advent Joy, to welcome and prepare for the Advent season.  The heartwarming Tea consisted of prayer, fellowship and beautiful music.  It was nice to see faces along with names which we have come to know.  We shared ideas about how we are celebrating this unusual Advent season along with some of the particular resources we have use to help us find a comfortable space within the context of Advent and Christmas.  Gretchen Erlichman, a candidate to be a Dominican contemplative nun provided the piano selections as interludes and conclusion of the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary.  That put smiles of the faces of everyone.

Format:  Virtual


1) Reflection by Carol Monaco (Spirituality Chair) "New Life: the Way of the Lord"

2) Advent of Joy Rosary Meditations 

October 25, 2020: 

Theme: Council Sunday, connecting with one another for fellowship, spiritual growth, and support in challenging times.

Format:  Virtual


1) Reflection by Carol Monaco (Spirituality Chair) "Staying Connected"

2) Meeting Agenda here

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