Racial Justice Awareness

Archdiocese of Washington's anti-racism initiative website:

"Made in God’s Image: Pray and Work to End the Sin of Racism"

USCCB letter regarding racial justice "Open wide our hearts" -  Nov 2018

USCCB letter regarding racial justice "Brothers and Sisters to Us" -  1979

Bishop Shelton Fabre: On the Death of George Floyd,  June 2020 

Fr. Eric Andrews C.S.P. (Paulist Fathers)  Sermon " No Scraps" 17 Aug 2020 

Georgetown Panel "Racism in Our Streets and in Our Structures" - June 2020

Bishop Robert Barron:  On Charlottesville and America's Original Sin,  Aug 2017

Fr. Bryan Massingale "How the Church can combat racism and white priviledge""

Maryland Catholic Council of Bishops letter regarding racial justice - June 2020

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