Local Catholic Universities Partner With DC Government for DC Resident Scholarships

Catholic University and Trinity Washington Universtiy are identified  by the Washington, DC Office of the State Superintendent (OSSC)  as an approved university for their DCFutures program.   Eligible DC residents may be awarded up to $8000/year.  List of eligible majors.   Program information available on the OSSC website link

Archdiocese of Washington Programs/Notices

Resources from ADW Dept of Special Needs for Mental Illness 

Mental illness is unique among other illnesses in that the treatment usually is dependent upon some type of human relationship. Persons seeking treatment will need to speak with a therapist, spiritual leader, and doctor about personal matters. Effective treatment for mental illness goes beyond the need for medication; it also includes addressing psychological issues, social networks and matters of faith and spirituality. Therefore, it is important that attention be paid to language and cultural issues that may enhance or hinder treatment. Mental illness is viewed differently in different cultures. Some cultures focus on the biology of illness; other cultures may believe that mental illness is the result of a lack of harmony with nature, separation from God, exposure to an evil spirit, punishment for past sins, etc. Knowledge of those beliefs will greatly improve the likelihood of effectively reaching out to those individuals who are from a different culture.  Click link below for more information


Support a Parish in Need 

At a time when the coronavirus shutdown of public Masses has impacted the offertory collections vital to parish operations, Archbishop Wilton Gregory has launched a parish support initiative to help Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington make online donations directly to their parishes:


Suspicious Emails and IT Reminder 

We have received calls and emails about fraudulent emails being received by people from a spam account using Archbishop Gregory’s or other priests’ names. Please note that the archbishop will not communicate a need for assistance in this way. Any legitimate email from the Archdiocese will end in “@adw.org” 

Please be diligent in not responding to suspicious emails