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The Council of Catholic Women

responds to the needs of the Church and society through a focus on spirituality, leadership, and service. The CCW-ADW hosts service events, liturgies, educational conferences and more

CCW-ADW Telephone Rosary

Share the Telephone Rosaries with friends and the homebound.

The Council of Catholic Women - Archdiocese of Washington has been hosting a nightly Rosary call for the healing of the Church. We believe prayer is the foundation of action.  With the intercession of our Blessed Mother and by the power of the Holy Trinity, praying the Rosary can help restore the Church to a place of safety and moral guidance as a response to the scandal of sexual abuse.

Join with CCW-ADW as we pray the Rosary to help heal the Church

Monday - Saturday 8 p.m.

605-468-8016       code 357090#.


Catholic Charities has a special volunteer initiative regarding COVID-19 for those of you who sew. They are are in need of volunteers to sew cloth face coverings for staff and clients. The production of homemade face coverings will help alleviate the mask shortage and allow for some level of protection for members of our community who do not have access to medical-grade masks and for those whom physical distancing is not an option. 

This volunteer opportunity will be done in your home using materials you have (e.g. cotton sheets, cotton fabric) and then mailing the completed facemarks to our headquarters on G St. NW. More information and instructions can be found here:


Donation requests for those in need

Harriet Tubman's Women's Center Catholic Charities Washington DC:

women's socks, flip flops for showers, rain ponchos, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, soap. Front Desk to arrange drop off:   202-795-9966 

Catholic Charities Care Packages


The Little Sisters of the Poor in DC are unable to go to the local parishes and collect donations. Current greatest needs are:  disposable gloves, masks, disposable head cover, disposable shoe covers, isolation gowns, laundry soap, plain instant oatmeal packets, plain Cream of Wheat packets, plain cornflakes, Life cereal, raisin bran, orange juice, almond milk, individual yogurts (4-6 oz).  For more items click here

Donations can be dropped off at the front desk

phone: 202-269-1831         email: mswashington@littlesistersofthepoor.org

Little Sisters of the Poor/Jeanne Jugan Residence, 4200 Harewood Road, NE, Washington, DC 20017

A Million Rosaries with Little Sisters of the Poor

During Portugal's 1974 Carnation Revolution Our Lady said to Sister Lucia "When a million families pray the rosary, the revolution will end."  What if a million families joined hands NOW to pray the rosary for cure to the coronavirus?  Please join us in praying the Rosary everyday for an end to this pandemic! Sign up NOW at www.LittleSistersofthePoor.org to join us and commit yourself and/or your family to imploring Our Lady to intercede on behalf of all humanity at this moment of crisis

Some thoughts on the Coronavirus from the Jean Kelly, President of the National Council of Catholic Women

"    Please continue to pray for those that have been affected (by the coronavirus). The Novena for Protection Against the Coronavirus  and Pope Francis' prayer to Mary During Coronavirus Pandemic are useful tools for comfort and healing....

Remember, the best protection is properly washing your hands. Praying the “Our Father” while doing this that takes the recommended 20 seconds you need.  Our Lady of Good Counsel protect us!"


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